aXbo International


Being woken gently at the right moment...

(....when youre already almost awake)

The results are easy to see:

» Get up easily
» Greater feeling of well-being
» More power
» Full productivity
» Higher level of concentration
» Less tiredness

...“impossible to over-sleep“!

Pleasant wake-up sounds

2 things are important for a perfect awakening:

» To awake the acoustic sense first
» You are not woken up harshly

For this reason we have developed natural wake-up sounds which will wake you up particularly gently.


Comfortable daily use

From the very beginning we have done our best to make sure that the daily use of aXbo is as simple as possible.

The result could not be more simple:

» Pull the wristband on in the evening
» Take the wristband off in the morning

Wearing comfort

Use of skin-friendly materials

» Very high level of wearing comfort
thanks to towelling material

... you will not find any soft plastics in aXbo, the solvents of which could be absorbed by your body (and perhaps cause long-term damage to your health).


Remote control

Simply on your wrist

You can use the sensor button as a remote control for the following functions:

*....for 10 seconds.

Thanks to the “sleeping” display, it will be ideally dark in your bedroom for the rest of the night.


Easy handling!

A quick example:

Set your waking time as usual, e.g. for 6.30 am. Your aXbo will find the ideal waking point within 30 minutes before 6.30 am, e.g. at 6.25 am.

aXbo senses the optimal time to wake you up every single day.


Additional features & software

Furthermore aXbo offers you additional useful features, the possibility to update new features, free software as well as interchangeable sounds.

For more details see next section “Features”.


Designed & Invented in Austria

Made in Europe according to Fair Trade:

aXbo is produced in Austria and Hungary.
aXbo ensures that the bulk of the value added remains in Europe

With aXbo you also receive exemplary support. You will find more details in the service area under FAQ | Support.


Advantage through knowledge

Maximum “optimal wake-up experience”

The developers of aXbo are also the inventors of the sleep-phase wake-up technology.

This means that more than 15 years of research combined with the needs of thousands of customers are slumbering in your aXbo.


Hybrid solution

aXbo can be used with 2 different sources of power:

» Mains adapter
» Batteries (3x AAA)

To use aXbo you therefore do not require 220V next to your bedside which is controversial for your health.

Undisturbed sleep

A minimum of electric smog during your sleep was one of our chief concerns whilst developing aXbo.

You will be convinced by the results:

» Transmission power 0.0001W
» Data transmission per night: ~5 sec.

aXbo does not require any measuring devices right next to your head which could cause damage in the long term.


All seasons

aXbo is not subject to seasonal restrictions. You can use aXbo both in winter and in summer.

Does aXbo suit to me, too?

YES, definitely. aXbo is THE alarm clock for anybody, who wants to get up more easily and start the day full of energy!

This includes people who have a classical day-to-day job, as well as all kinds of shift workers, early risers and nap takers.

aXbo is also very popular with sports people and children.


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